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How Tire Salesmen try to Con you?

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Tires are the most important parts of a vehicle, and it’s because of them that you are able to reach places safely. Just like buying anything else, investing in a new set of tires may be overwhelming considering the deals, sales and not to mention the tricks to replace your tires faster than you should by tire car salesmen.

An honest tire salesman cares about your safety hence he/she will sell you the best tires, but on the contrary there’s the dishonest salesman whose just in to make a few bucks and cares less about what happens after the sale so they will either sell you something you that’s doesn’t fit what you’re looking for or get you to replace your tires long before they are due.
Fact is that although tires are an expensive item for you as a consumer, they are a low margin item for the tire store. This is the reason why you often see that tire stores are always coupled with an alignment centre, because that’s where they capitalize on their profits by offering alignments, rotation of tires, mounting and balancing, routine car maintenance such as oil changes and tune up and brake jobs.

So when you approach a tire counter for new tires, the person behind the desk is going to try and sell everything possible. Adding to this is the fact that most tire salesmen earn handsome commissions, which is just one more reason for trying to sell you something you can live without. In order to avoid these scams, you as a consumer must do the necessary research before investing in a new set of tires.

Before buying tire, you need to first keep in mind that most tires are designed for specific models and brands of cars. Adding to this is analyzing how you drive, which will help you determine the tires that will provide value for money. Once you’ve chose the type of tire you need, it’s time to check out the prices and before you do so, keep a firm budget in mind to avoid going overboard. When calculating costs, keep in mind that you also need to take into consideration the cost of balancing and mounting your new tires, which at most times is not included into the initial cost; and if you’re buying four tires, times that number by 4.

However, there are a number of tire shops that offer complimentary balancing and mounting upon purchasing of new tires so that is something that definitely save you a few bucks. The first thing the tire mechanic does to put on your new tires is mount your vehicle on a rack, and that is where they try to sell you extras such as wheel alignments, shocks or brake jobs. Although alignment is important, it is usually necessary with old tires since they are uneven rather than all four new tires.
In terms of a brake job, your ideal interval to service them will be mentioned in your owner’s manual and that is what you need to stick to no matter what the mechanic says. This works the same when it comes to an oil change and your servicing time will be mentioned in the manual or on the windshield of your vehicle. In this advanced internet era we live in, you can also buy tires online, which may end up saving you money, but don’t forget that the tires still have to be balanced and mounted so this may not be a cheaper option after all .

By implementing the above tips, buying tires becomes an easy task, and will ensure you get the perfect and safest pair for your vehicle.

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