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Comparison between Nissan X-trail and Toyota Harrier

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Toyota and Nissan are two ace Japanese car manufacturers known for their sturdy yet stylish looking cars. Today, we will be comparing two cross over SUVs from these two manufacturers. We would be looking at Nissan’s X-trail and Toyota’s Harrier. Both these vehicles have been around since the beginning of 90’s and they have released many versions over these years. When a manufacturer releases so many refurbished models for the same series you would understand how popular both them have been among the car users. So, let us take a look at both these cars one at a time first.

Nissan X-trail

Nissan X-trail has maintained its box like shape over the years and little has changed in terms of its shape even with so many changes. This is an apt urban vehicle. There is a versatile look and feel in the interiors of this car. The vehicle has an adjustable air conditioning vent in rear portion of the car. X-trail comes with a 2.0 liter engine, but there are choices for the buyers. You may opt for 148 or 170 BHP engines. The superior suspension system of X-trail makes your rides very smooth. There are hill ascent and descent systems in the car. The suspension and road noises are well contained and they do not reach the cabin. But you may experience a bit of vibration from the engines especially when you are sitting in traffic.

Toyota Harrier

The initial Toyota Harrier model was just a double of Lexus RX but with every revamping there has been an aesthetic upgradation. Harrier has two rows to accommodate five passengers. The body design is quite stylish. It has bold look and there is jaw like chrome edged grille projecting outwards. The new headlamps with the fascia look quite stunning. There are new taillights which rear up from the surface and a faux rear diffuser. The engine of Harrier uses smaller displacement for its four cylinder engines. There is a 2.0 liter cylinder having variable transmission and 2.5 liter four backed cylinder that is supported by electric engine. Harrier utilizes 3.5 liter V6 engines and is available in both hybrid and gas modes.

Nissan X-trail vs. Toyota Harrier

All said and done, now let us start the fight. Now, we pit these two great cars against one another and see who wins.

Engine Transmission

Toyota Harrier has 6 cylinders in contrast to 4 in the Nissan X-trail. These two extra cylinders lead to less vibrations and offer smooth running engine. The piston diameter for the Toyota Harrier is 94mm to X-trail’s 84mm. 10mm larger pistons for the Harrier may lead to more filling. So, the Harrier releases more toxic emissions. Harrier’s engine power is 183kw while X-trail has a power of 127kw, this means that Harrier has more power and is able to cater more speed.
When the compression levels for both these cars were measured it was found that X-trail had a compression of 15.5 while Harrier achieved 12.5. This 20% more compression means that less fuel would be needed to power the vehicle. The piston strokes for the X-trail are also longer, pointing to its fuel efficiency. X-trail produces 12% more torque than its competitor meaning it can accelerate faster.


When these two cars were compared in terms of faster acceleration from 0 to 60mph it was found that Harrier achieved it in 7.9 seconds while X-trail took 10 seconds for the same.


The maximum allowable weight for Harrier is 2700kg while that for X-trail of 2170kg. So, Harrier can hold more weight.
The X-trail on the other hand has a maximum trunk space of 1773 liters which is 11% more than Harrier. The towing weight with brakes for the X-trail is also 9% more. X-trail has 20% more roof load capacity too.

Fuel Consumption

The X-trail is more fuel efficient among the two cars. In the highways X-trail provides 5% less fuel consumption than Harrier, while within the city it provides 41% less fuel consumption.
As you can see it is hard to separate both these giants. They are equally well performing on all accounts. It is no wonder then that both Nissan X-trail and Toyota Harrier are so popular among the car lovers.

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