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How To Protect Your Car Body From Scratches?

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Seeing the first scratch on the brand new car will tear anybody’s heart apart. It’s definitely not an impossible task to take care of your car’s finish. If you want to be the owner of your car, you need to take care of your possession thoroughly. Regardless of the age of the car, taking care of the car’s exterior finish is one of the essential lessons to understand about being the owner of the car. You might need to set apart a whole day for this job. Although it might not take a whole day, you can always rest on the other half of the day. Remember these points when doing the procedure.

Wash Your Car:

Start by washing your car using a cotton mitt or a micro fiber mitt, good quality standard cleaning products designed especially for automotive use and a 5 gallon big bucket. These products should be very specific because these products play a main role in treating the car. You should chose products that are pH balanced, non detergent formulas that will prevent stripping off the wax, that will prevent scratching by combining them with lubrication and should have conditioners in them so your car shines brightly. Conditioners should be gentle on the finish of the paint or rubber, vinyl, and plastic components.

Always Do The Drying:

Never skip the middle step of drying the car. This will prevent appearing of the water spots. The minerals in the water drop come to the edge of the drop and enter into the paint’s coating. Some materials like the polyester and the microfiber can cause light scratches on the car’s surface while drying so you can use what the auto detailing professionals use a 100% detailing cloth or a sheep skin chamois. If you want to go high tech, you can prefer one of the many car care products offered by the manufacturer’s like the super absorbent drying towels that are claimed to be lint free and scratch free.

If The Wash Didn’t Do It All

Sometimes the car is loaded with the dirt, pollution, tree sap, bug residue and the other loads of dirt which is difficult to go and leave a permanent stain. In such cases, try using an Auto Detailing Clay Bar. This auto detailing clay bar has a tendency of pulling all the dirt and contamination off the surface without a single abrasion or a scratch. This clay normally comes in a small kit along with a lubricating spray that will protect your paint. Just glide the clay along the surface of your paint after spraying it on the area. It has the capacity to grab anything that pops out of the paint. Detailing clay is not made to remove the paint scratches or the swirl marks. Sometimes you might also need to use a specialty solvent when it comes to heavy tar or the insect deposits.

Still The Paint Has Not Retained Its Look

In such a case you have three options that can be implemented. Old oxidized paint is the problem and one of the prompt solutions is the car polish. You can also try using a cleaner or a rubbing compound. Unwanted dull paint should be removed. Polish removes the least of the paint where as the rubbing compounds remove most of the paint while cleaners usually stand in the middle of these two. Ideally it’s best to start with the polish and then move to cleaners and then the rubbing compounds. By the way, you should talk to a professional before using a rubbing compound on your car because it is highly abrasive.


Wax your car to protect the car’s paint. It is a mandate to wax if you have just used the cleaner or the polish. Paint sealant is highly recommended. Before doing the procedure we advise you to go through the manufacturer’s directions to use the car care products.

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