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HID (Xenon Light) Beneficial?

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The common name for the HID lights is Xenon headlamps still not most of them in reality use the halide lamps that contain the Xenon gas. The Xenon gas is only used to allow lamp to produce minimum quantity of light immediately after the lamp is powered on. This is done to accelerate the run up time of lamp. The main difference between the HID headlamps and the regular tungsten filament lamp is the distinctive bluish color that it emits. The Xenon lights give greater amount of light output as compared to the electrical power input they take. Also the luminous efficacy transforms a larger proportion of radiation in light as compared to the heat emission. Even after such advantage of the HID they are mostly still used in low beam operations and rarely used in high beam lamps. The advantage of HID headlamps is the increased safety provided by the usable light as compared to the regular halide and halogen ones. Other advantages include the reduced power consumption and service life of HID which ranges 2-4 times more as compared to the regular halogen functioning life.

The HID headlights have nowadays become quite a craze in the recent times. Although these lights have been in the industry for quite some time since 1991, still something that they are relatively new technology. In the earlier times these technology was very expensive however since then the costs have gone down and HID headlights are now visible in most have newer and entry-level vehicles. Some of the unique and key benefits of using High intensity discharge Xenon headlights over the traditional halogen lights are as follows.

Visibility improvement:

The HID lights provide brighter and more natural light as compared to the traditional headlight with halogen. The halogen usually provides slightly yellow light due to the tungsten filament they use. Such yellow light can be distracting as compared to the natural light emitted through HID lights. Many studies have shown that the drivers who use HID headlamps have greater visibility as compared to the others hence they provide increase reaction time in case an emergency situation may arise.

Long Lasting:

The High Intensity discharge xenon lights last more than the halogen bulbs hence the longitivity of HID usage is most important feature, which means that there is less maintenance and less wastage produced.

Low energy usage:

The HID headlights consume almost 25- 30 percent less power as compared to halogens. As power to the headlamps is provided by the car’s battery and electrical system hence in a way the HID headlamps help to extend the life of car’s charging system.


For some HID is like an aesthetic upgrade since it is mostly associated with luxury cars. They also look appealing as provide much cleaner and sophisticated lights as compared to yellow halogen bulbs. Whereas there are quite a few who consider HID headlights as a fashion statement for their cars!

Whatever may be the reason for up gradation of your cars headlights to HID from the traditional halogen? It is sure that the choice to upgrade is a good one. It is simply because of the advantages they carry over the halogens, whether it be the color of light, visibility, power consumption, function life or aesthetic appeal of luxury. These benefits definitely provide the clue that the High Intensity Discharge Xenon lights are the future of automotive lights. So if you do not own one in your car you don’t need to worry much. There are aftermarket HID headlight kits available in the market, which you can possibly buy to replace your older one and get in the luxury league.

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