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Become A Master Manual Transmission User

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Because of the advancements in the technology in the yesteryears, automatic transmission is in vogue these days. Many high end cars today come with automatic transmission, and many youngsters are habituated with these transmissions. Because automatic transmission is easy and less risky, these are good and suitable for students and busy people. Because of this, the trend of manual transmission is on the verge of extinction these days. However, there are many users who still want and need to control the power of the car. Among these are some of the racing legends and off road lovers. They desire to control the manual transmission smoothly and race the car with best caution and safety. For such crazy people, there is good news. We have designed a guide to help you master the art of gaining control over the manual transmission in a short period of time. Go through this article and help yourself in preparing for the manual transmission drive.

The first question arises that when auto transmission is so I vogue what’s the necessity for anybody to go crazy for manual transmission. The answer is easy. Main thing is gear control; we do not get this in auto transmission. It is economical that the automatic transmission and thirdly, passion. Passion to race and accelerate the car! Following this guide and practicing for a week or two will make you eligible for handling manual transmission.

How to start?? Make sure you are in an open space where there are no chances or risks to hurt others. There should be more space in front of you. At the start, you might stall but do not panic. Carry on and then push the clutch all the way in and then turn the key to start the car. Make sure for yourself that the car is in neutral, and then only release the clutch. Neutral space is nothing but the empty area in between the gears. The best way to check the neutral state is to see if the gear stick moves freely left and right’s should move if you are in neutral. So the car has started. What next?? Push the clutch in and put your vehicle in the first gear. For this you will have to push the slick to the left side. Do not release the clutch otherwise your car will start to stall. Then gradually you can release the clutch once you feel the car moving. Get the feel of this point because this will help you handle things in easy manner and you will learn. Now you can accelerate the car a little bit. Do not release the clutch as yet but understand how the car catches the gear. Once you feel this point you can gradually release the clutch. So you have started a manual transmission cr. What is ahead?? If at all, you are stalling the car, you need to put the clutch back in. then turn the key to start the car backup. Again, be sure that the car is in neutral.

Then how to change the gear?? Observe the gear stick. It has different gears engraved. 1-2-3-4-5 and then the 6th, if you have the 6th gear! How will you understand how to change the gear?? Keep looking at the speed of the car. Ideally, you should change the gear after 2.5k to 3k rpms. Obviously, the limitation of every gear depends entirely on the car you are using. It varies car to car. You might need to see the instruction manual before you do this. Now to shift the car into the second gear, all you need to do is the same procedure of clutching in and pushing the car into second gear. Move the stick down. Gradually release the clutch and accelerate the car a little. Once you know to balance the clutch and the accelerator very well, your drive will be a lot easy and smooth.

This was our short guide to show you the easiest way to handle or use the manual transmission .with a little bit of practice and dedicated time, this transmission will be a lot easy to use than the automatic transmission.

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