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10 Tips of smart purchasing Mitsubishi Canter Truck (Canter Guts) Part1

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At CardealPage, many Mitsubishi Canter  and  Canter Guts  are posted.

Price is of course important, but first, it is also necessary to understand the specifications for a wise purchase.

I will explain below 10 tips for smart purchasing of Canter.

1. Choosing the shape of carrier Canter truck is not for only one type of use

In Japan, trucks are used for various purposes as below.

  • Refrigerated freezer truck carrying fresh vegetables, fish shell, meat, flowers, etc.
  • Dump truck carrying earth and sand, debris, waste, etc.
  • Aerial work truck used for electric wire construction.
  • Flat body truck and flat body long truck carrying load and work.
  • Power gate carrying heavy loads on load platform.
  • Aluminum van using for move, carrying things unwilling to show or for security purpose.
  • Wing truck for loading up heavy loads neatly with forklift, for such as a large amount of used paper.
  • Crane truck using for loading and unloading heavy materials.

Which type of Canter you are looking for? Let's find the best type for your business.

Refrigerated freezer truck Dump truck Aerial work truck
Flat body truck Flat body long truck Power gate
canter normal canter power gate
aluminum van Wing truck Crane truck

2. Select by numbers of how many passengers in cabin

How many people can ride in the cabin?

Normally there is one row in the cabin, but called double cabin which provides two rows.

A double cabin can be good if you planning to carry  more than 4 passengers. 

If you think that over passengers can ride on track bed, but it is dangerous especially for long distances or high-speed driving. Why don’t you think about a double cabin truck?

To search for a double cabin in CardealPage, choose and narrow down Truck Type and filter by Ride Capacity.

Double Cabin Single Cabin

3. Select by loading capacity

Canter is included in small truck category and there are Canter and Canter Guts.
The big difference between Canter and Canter Guts is   loading capacity  , which is classified as follows.

  • Canter 2t or more
  • Canter Guts 1.5t or less

For instance, bigger types among Mitsubishi Trucks are,

  • Fuso Fighter for 3.5t to 4t
  • Fuso Super Great for 5t to 10t or more

You can request a truck depending on loading capacity, so here name of model is important. If you want a 4t truck and then search for Canter, you can never find one.

However, there are many special truck types.
Load capacity depends on;

  • Platform length
  • Tire size, flat rate
  • Single or double cabin
  • Weight of frame

Before purchasing, we recommend  checking loading capacity, specs, pictures, etc. with seller.

You can also check load capacity by yourself.
Looking at the tilt behind carrier, you may see stickers like 1500 kg, 2000 kg, 3000 kg, etc.

Though you have no problem dealing with CardealPage, it has already noticed that fraudulent dealers deceive such stickers with some other websites.

To avoid such a deceit, it is important to  check loading capacity on the vehicle`s official document.  (Export Certificate etc.).

If you can , it is even better option to ask a dealer to show you the documents.

For available trucks in CardealPage, we recommend that taking advantage of our optional service Cardeal Inspection.

With this option, CardealPage checks the vehicle and the documents before exporting, and CardealPage will refund the money received from the buyer even if the vehicle specs are different, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Consequently, according to the loading capacity, MITSUBISHI trucks are categorized as follow;

  • Canter Guts 1.5t or less
  • Canter 2t to 3t
  • Fuso Fighter 3.5t to 4t
  • Fuso Super Great 5t to 10t or more

Now you know the name of truck you should search.

In fact, some Japanese sellers use only Canter for all Canter Guts and Canter models, because they do not know the difference between them.

If you want a Canter Guts truck (less than 1.5 t capacity), you may try searching for Canter as well.

4. Select by fuel type

Fuel types are gasoline, diesel and LPG.
Most of Canter and Canter Guts sold in Japan are Diesel vehicles.  Canter exists only in diesel type but Canter Guts in diesel and gasolines .

The prices of used trucks in Japan rise as following, if they have same conditions (year, shift, distance, loading shape, etc.),

Diesel >  Petrol > LPG

 Diesel truck is the highest price .

Why diesel truck has a high demand

Understanding the difference between Petrol and Diesel cars, you can see why diesel is so popular.

The features of Petrol cars
  • Because the power is small compared to Diesel, it is not good to carry heavy load.
  • High output and quiet than Diesel. Count speed more than power.
  • Lower production cost than diesel engines
The characteristics of Diesel
  • It is suitable for carrying heavy loads with powerful high torque, used for construction machinery and vessels
  • Power more than speed
  • Higher production cost than gasoline engine

What is Torque?

* Torque refers to power of turning axle in speaking about a car.It may be easy to understand if you think about a bicycle gear.
At start pedaling bicycle a high gear applying all forth for turning is used, but once at up-speed a low gear requiring less forth is used.

You may picture, if you see that "the torque is big", when pedaling power is strong to turn wheels at start.

Diesel engine is originally expensive with its production cost, but powerful diesel trucks can carry and move heavy loads. Therefore, they are more popular than gasoline vehicles.
As a result, the demand by overseas buyers is also higher for diesel vehicles, so the price is higher accordingly.

Attention to LPG engine trucks

Even in Japan, LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) engine trucks do not run very much. The use is very limited only by public organizations for some special purposes. So, there is little circulation nor needs.

Therefore, purchasing price is also lower and that makes sometimes buyers to choose it wrongly when LPG truck is on sale.

"Oh, this used truck is cheap! Let's buy it now!"
Even if you think so, you may better to  check calmly whether it is LPG or not.  However, in the countries where LPG trucks are permitted, it can be purchased cheaply, so it is very value of money.

I have talked about points of how to choose a canter so far.

A matter of required power, diesel engine is recommended if you carry heavy loads.
Petrol car is recommendable for carrying lightweight loads or a fast transport.

Next finally talking about checking engines.

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