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Immobilizer – Protect your car from theft

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Immobilized keys are now very common. I believe immobilizers are installed in most of cars.

So, what is the immobilizer?

Immobilizer is…

The immobilizer is an electronic security device to protect your car from theft. This system prevents the engine running unless the correct transponder key is present.

How does the immobilizer work?

For the vehicles with no immobilizer system, you can start the engine by inserting the right key to the key cylinder and twist.

This works by whether the key shape fits in the key hole. Meaning that a car with no immobilizer could be broke in and stolen easily if someone copies that normal key.

This was why the immobilizer was invented.

Inside the immobilizer, there is a micro IC chip called transponder installed and the engine starts only when the ID code contained in the transponder matches the code registered in the chassis.

It is extremely hard to copy the ID code in the immobilizer.
As such, the immobilizer is an excellent security system that protect your car from theft.

Can I get a spare key of immobilizer?

Yes- you can make a duplicate of immobilizer key. However, your local locksmith or hardware store might not be able to take that job.

If you copied the key superficially, it may be able to unlock the door, but the engine won’t start. This is because the information of the ID code in the chassis that matches the transponder is missing.

A duplicate key of immobilizer can be made only by the locksmiths who is knowledgeable in the immobilizer system and has special equipment to enter the ID code information to the transponder.
Therefore, the cost of duplicating the immobilizer is usually more expensive than a normal key.

Can I make the immobilizer later?

In Europe, it is compulsory to have immobilizers after 1995 which means every car after that year now equips this security system.

Japan followed the regulation of Europe, and the immobilizer system was spread after 2000.

Yes-You can make one for the car with no factory-installed immobilizer. Please remember that the cost will vary depending on makers and models.
If your car does not have an immobilizer and you worry about theft, why don’t you consider making one?

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