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What will happen if diesel put into a petrol vehicle?


You are supposed to fill a diesel vehicle with diesel and a petrol (gasoline) vehicle with petrol.
What would happen if you put incorrect fuel to the vehicle?

I will explain the symptom the vehicle may have when you have accidentally pumped diesel to a petrol vehicle and vice versa-.

Symptoms of incorrect fuel contamination

Putting petrol to a diesel car

It will lower the engine power significantly if diesel has been mixed with petrol in the fuel tank. 
Also, some other unusual symptoms may be seen, for example, odd idling, the engine noise, vibration, or black smoke from the muffler.
These are because of the engine knocking due to the incomplete combustion by incorrect fuel being mixed in the tank.

If you keep driving, the engine will likely stop.

Diesel has a stickier texture than petrol therefore it could block the edge of the fuel injection nozzle. The reason for these problems may be because each fuel has different ignition point. FYI, the ignition point is a certain temperature where something may burn “if there is source of ignition”.

Putting petrol to diesel car

Likewise, if you have filled petrol in a diesel car incorrectly, it would cause the engine knocking and white smokes coming out from the muffler then the engine will stop at last.

Diesel will self-ignite by its own pressure. Petrol, on the other hand, ignites by a spark from the spark plug.
In the diesel engine, there is no spark plug. This means that it won’t ignite if any petrol has been contaminated in the tank.

Regular petrol to high-octane vehicle / v.v.

There are different types of petrol, regular and high-octane. The difference is the octane rating.
Octane rating (value) is a figure indicating the anti-knock properties and self-ignition of a fuel.
The higher the octane rating is, the less engine knocking could occur.

Nothing much happens if you put high-octane petrol to regular petrol vehicle. It could rather strengthen the engine power or improve the fuel consumption.
However, if you put regular petrol to high-octane vehicle, the things won’t work as it is supposed to do.

Not to worry if you put incorrect type of petrol a few times. The problem is when you keep filling regular petrol in a high-octane vehicle. It may cause not only poor performance but also engine malfunction.


What to do when you already filled incorrect fuel…

Do not start the engine in the both case, putting petrol to a diesel vehicle and diesel to a petrol one. The contamination of incorrect fuel may result in the engine malfunction.

If you have already filled incorrect one at the fuel station and you know it, make sure not to start the engine and ask a staff (if there is any) to pump out from the vehicle.

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