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How to unlock if you’ve been locked out while your key is in the car


People sometimes gets in a trouble that the person left the car key in the car and locks him/herself out.
There is no need to rush. I will explain how to deal with this lock-out situation.

How to unlock

You can unlock by yourself.
However, please be advised that there is a possibility of damage to your vehicle so unlock at your own risk.

Use a wire hunger

This is a classic way to unlock. No cost incurred.

You could unlock the door with a wire hanger if your vehicle was an older model.

Between the window glass and the door, there is a small gap so you make a hook with the wire and insert into the gap, and you could possibly unlock the door if you are lucky.

But, today there are few cars having that gap.
In that case, you might be able to unlock with a hook to lift the lock lever which is inside the door.

Please be careful when you do this. As it is a forceful way to make a gap between the car body and the door, you may damage, dent or bend the body of your car.

Use “helper” tool

To unlock, “helper” is a tool that is easier and safer way than a wire hanger.

All you need to do is just like the wire, insert the helper between the door and the body and hook the lock lever up.

However, it is difficult to obtain this tool for a security reason. In many countries, you would need to apply for a registration to possess this tool. Also, it is quite pricey about US$400-600 to buy this tool.

It seems that these are the only ways to resolve the problem of lock-out.
If you can’t use these, call the locksmith as soon as possible.

Habit of those who can avoid the lock-out

Of course, you don’t want to lock yourself out.

The situations you could lock yourself out are mostly:

  • You are in a hurry
  • You are preoccupied with something else

These are the cases that you are not focused on locking the car.

Nobody is focused on the locks every time.
I would say, the crucial difference between those who locks out and those who doesn’t is:whether the person uses a key when he/she locks.

If the person who does not lock with a key, he/she would shut the door after locking from the inside. Then the person could be locked out (if he left the key inside).

Make it a rule not to do this, to avoid the lock out.

In addition, it would be a good idea to bring a spare key with you all the time in your bag or wallet.

The best way to avoid the lock out is to make it into a habit to lock with a key.

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