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What should I do if the oil check lamp turns on?


Usually, a car’s oil lamp lights up briefly before starting the engine.
However, when the oil lamp lights up while driving, this indicates the car is in a very dangerous condition.

Cause of the oil lamp lighting up

The oil lamp is a lamp that lights up and warns you when hydraulic pressure is decreasing.

Cause of low oil pressure

The main reasons for a drop in hydraulic pressure are as follows.

Oil pump malfunctions
As the vehicle’s mileage rises, the possibility the oil pump failing increases.
If the oil pump fails, it won’t be able to suck up the engine oil, and the normal amount of oil will not reach the inside of the engine. Because of this, the oil pressure inside the engine will decrease and the warning light will light up.
If you check the level of the engine oil, and the warning light is on even though the oil is not decreasing, it is most likely due to the oil pump malfunctioning.

The remaining amount of oil is low
If the oil is less than the specified amount due to oil leaks etc., the hydraulic pressure will be lowered and the warning light will light up.

Know the state of engine oil from the lighting state of the oil lamp

Oil lamps are either steady or flashing depending on the cause.

Repeatedly turning on / off
At this time, the amount of engine oil is slightly less than the specified amount.
Since the engine also shakes along with the shaking of the vehicle body, the lamp lights when the oil level falls below the specified amount of engine oil and turns off when the oil level rises.

When the oil lamp lights only for a moment
Usually, the oil lamp lights for a moment only when starting the engine. After that, if it disappears, the engine has the required amount of oil and hydraulic pressure is no problem.
If it happens during driving, it is often because of the change in the oil level will due to the angle of the car and the oil lamp senses a problem for a moment only.
In this situation, the car’s oil may be running low.
Also, the above is true when the light illuminates for a moment when stepping on the brake.

Since it is possible for most people to check their vehicle’s engine oil themselves, you should check it regularly. Checking and maintenance of the oil pump is difficult for most people, so you should have them checked by a professional mechanic.

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