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What do 1DIN and 2DIN mean in Car Navigation systems?


Car navigation has become indispensable when driving a car.
However, if you were to try to pick a navigation system yourself, you will see unfamiliar words such as "1 DIN" and "2 DIN".

What is the difference between 1 DIN and 2 DIN?

DIN is the acronym for Deutsches Institut für Normung, and is German industrial standard.

It is read as "Din" or "Dyne".

The size of the outer dimensions of car audio and car navigation installed on the car's dashboard is expressed in German Industry Standards DIN.
Because this standard is used throughout the world, every car marks the external dimensions of the car navigation system with DIN.

The width of the part of the operation panel is 180 mm × the height is 50 mm for 1 DIN.
For 2 DIN, only the height is doubled.

Width mm Height mm
1 (single) DIN 180 50
2 (double) DIN 180 100

1 DIN Car Navigation Features

1 If you are able to install a 1 DIN car navigation system, the system you can select is an "in-dash" type car navigation system.
As the name “in-dash” suggests, you can store it in the dashboard when not in use.

Since 1 DIN has a height of only 50 mm, it is inevitably an in-dash type because a sufficient screen size for a car navigation system can not be installed.

The in-dash type is good as it does not ruin the design of the dashboard when it is stored.
However, waiting for it to deploy before using it it is a bit of a nuisance.

Features of a 2 DIN system

The mainstream of modern car navigation systems is 2 DIN. The car navigation systems of car manufacturers are mostly 2 DIN.

Since 2DIN can accommodate the screen size used in car navigation systems, the screen can be permanently exposed. Also, as most of them are integrated with audio, operation on large screens is very easy.

Mainstream screen size is 7 inches, but recently screens 8 inches or 9 inches, even up to 11 inches are being produced.

Other car navigation features

Car navigation systems that are not influenced by the installation size 1 DIN or 2 DIN are "on-dash" type car navigation systems. As its name suggests, this kind is mounted on the dashboard.

Since the installation position is on the dashboard, the degree of freedom of the screen size is high, and there are also "portable" on-dash car navigation systems that can be removed and taken out of the car.

Portable On-dash car navigation systems are now quite popular.
The weakness of this type of system though is that the storage capacity is small, the processing speed is slow because it can not enlarge the main body, and they are easy to steal.

There are many points to consider when choosing a car navigation system, but the most important thing is size.
First of all, you should pick up a car navigation system based on what DIN space there is available in the vehicle.

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