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What happens if you put too much engine oil in your car?


There is a proper amount of engine oil.
What happens if you replace the oil yourself, accidentally putting more than the proper amount in?

The Role of Engine Oil

The role of engine oil is to lubricate the engine in order for it to run smoothly.
Besides this lubrication effect, it also has various other functions.


  • It maintains airtightness between the piston rings and the cylinders, preventing explosion and compressed gas from escaping.
  • It absorbs and dissipates heat generated from the engine
  • It removes sludge and soot etc generated inside the engine
  • It prevents rust from dew condensation inside the engine by making an oil film on the metal surface

Basically, engine oil plays an important role in preventing trouble inside the engine.

What is the proper amount of engine oil

There is a specific amount of engine oil required.

To see if the proper amount of engine oil is in the engine, look at the oil level gauge.
The oil level gauge is on a dipstick, which is sticking into the engine.

When pulling out this oil level gauge, you will see two lines at the tip, with holes in between, with “U” (Upper) and “L” (Lower) written near them.
These are the marks for measuring the amount of engine oil in the engine.

If engine oil is visible between these marks, it can be said that it is the proper amount, but if it is above the top marker, it means that there is too much oil.

Points to be noted when checking the amount of oil with an oil level gauge

1. Check the engine a while after the engine has stopped

Soon after the engine has stopped running, engine oil is still circulating throughout the inside of the engine, so if you check at this time, the amount of oil visible will be less.
It is necessary to check after all the engine oil has returned to the oil pan.

To do this, it is necessary to stop the engine and check it after a certain amount of time (5 to 10 minutes) has passed.

Before starting the engine is best if you can.

2. Check in a flat place

If the car is tilted, the oil in the oil pan also tilts, so you can not check the correct amount of oil.
Always stop the car at a flat place to check it.

What kind of symptoms will happen if there is too much engine oil?

If you put too much engine oil in a car, symptoms considered are as follows.

  • Engine oil enters the combustion chamber, oil burns, burning oil smell, white smoke from the exhaust.
  • The engine oil is easily mixed with the gas in the crankcase, the blow-by gas becomes dirty with oil and the air cleaner becomes dirty.
  • Engine oil hits the crankshaft rotating at high speed, making it difficult for the engine to rotate, resulting in poor fuel economy. In addition, the response to the accelerator becomes worse and the power also drops.

If you leave too much oil in the engine, these symptoms will continue.

Also, in the worst case scenario, the engine will break down and overhaul and/or replacement will be required.

How to deal with too much engine oil

The only way to deal with excessive engine oil is to remove the extra oil.

How to withdraw engine oil

The following are methods for removing excess engine oil.

Pull out the oil level gauge, insert a pump into the hole, and suck up the oil

After pumping out a certain amount of engine oil, insert the oil level gauge and check whether it has reached the specified amount.

Remove the drain bolt in the oil pan at the bottom of the engine and drain the oil.

When removing the drain bolt and pulling it out, the engine oil comes out suddenly, so removing the plug gradually does not work.
After removing the oil, refill with the correct amount of engine oil.

Have a professional pull engine oil out

It is easiest to leave replacing the oil a professional.

Whether there is not enough oil or too much oil, not only will bad symptoms occur for the engine, but also in the worst case it will cause the engine to fail completely.

If you put too much engine oil in, do not leave it. You should deal with it immediately and return it to the proper amount.

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