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First Generation T30 Model (2000 - 2007)

The first generation NISSAN X-TRAIL was not based on existing models; its sale was commenced in 2000 as an entirely new type of vehicle. The car body was a monocoque structure, and instead of its being a heavy duty type that is strong off-road, it was designed mainly as a city-use model that is also compatible off-road.

In the beginning, the engine lineup consisted of a naturally aspirated engine with 2,000cc displacement and 150 horsepower, and a turbo engine with 280 horsepower. The transmission that could be combined with these were the 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmission. The turbo model was available only with 4WD, and in terms of the interior equipment, there were disparities, such as a genuine leather steering wheel and a pistol grip shift knob.

In 2001, improvements were made with the aim of furthering the specialization of the X-TRAIL as a sports utility vehicle. This included leather seat covers for enhanced waterproofing, and in 2002, the leather was expanded to cover the roof lining, further demonstrating a consistent effort to respond to customer requests and wishes.

In 2003, minor changes were made, mainly to brush up the interior. Pop-up steering was installed, and improvements were made so that more movement could be allowed in the driver’s seat (i.e., enough room to get changed in the driver’s seat).

Subsequently, at the pace of once a year, improvements and grade additions were consistently made. These alternations and updates were not limited to mechanical aspects, but were also made with the aim to improve functionality. The rear armrest through and seat-back pockets were improved to more easily carry long objects, such as skis and snowboards.

In 2005, for the first time in the world, the Scratch Guard, a transparent coating that self-heals, was used. Though today, the Scratch Guard is used for many other vehicle types, the X-TRAIL was initially the first.

In 2006, the X Extreme Leather went on sale, which came equipped with luxurious installments such as genuine leather seat covers and xenon headlamps. These improvements were passed on to the third generation X-TRAIL.

Second Generation T31 Model (2007 - 2013)

In 2007, the X-TRAIL was remodeled to the second generation model. As the exterior appearance of the previous generation model was popular, the Keep Concept design was preserved, though the second generation design also had some novelty in that the projector portion of the headlights were wedged into the front bumper. Moreover, though the exterior remained similar to the previous model, the interior platform was greatly changed, and the engine was also changed to a 2,000cc naturally aspirated engine with 137 horsepower and a 2,500cc naturally aspirated engine with 170 horsepower.

A characteristic of the interior was that the meters that were located at the center of the dashboard in the previous model were moved to be located in front of the driver’s seat.

In 2008, the 20GT was added as the first clean diesel vehicle in Japan. This four-cylinder engine had 2,000cc displacement and 173 horsepower; in the beginning, it was combined with manual transmission, but in 2010, 6-speed automatic transmission with manual mode was added to the lineup. The clean diesel use was continued after the introduction of the third generation X-TRAIL, and it continues to be marketed and sold as the same model.

In comparison to the first generation X-TRAIL, this second generation model was enlarged in length, width, and height by around 10-20mm. The weight also increased by approximately 100 kilograms.

The waterproof seats that were so popular with the first generation X-TRAIL was also installed in the second generation model.

In terms of the tires, thought the first generation utilized wheels with maximum diameters of 17 inches, with this second generation, 18-inch wheels were made available for certain grades.

The drive system options remained the same as those of the previous model - FF and 4WD.

Third Generation T32 Model (2013 - )

The X-TRAIL underwent its third evolution in December 2013. Though aspects of previous generations remained, such as the X motif on the front grille, the overall silhouette became more stylish, and great changes were made to the side window graphics, thus clearly defining it as a completely new and changed model.

To fulfill modern demands for fuel efficiency and environmental performance, the engines carried were consolidated to just one, the 2,000cc displacement naturally aspirated engine with 147 horsepower. This engine was newly installed with inline and idling stop (start & stop) features. At the same time, the transmission that could be combined with this engine was consolidated to the new Xtronic CTV. This combination has allowed for greater comfort and drivability, and safety has also been improved due to the "Active Drive Control" being installed on all vehicles as standard equipment.

As for the body size, the length and width were increased by approximately 50mm, but the height was kept as is - another demonstration of the focus on maintaining a stylish design.

Another characteristic of the third generation X-TRAIL is the changes made to improve safety, including combining the Emergency Brake System with the in-front camera, and the Emergency Brake Package that features the Lane Departure Warning System. More features, like the waterproof seats or the drive system, were enriched compared to the second generation model, furthering the aim of designing the X-TRAIL as a city-use vehicle.

The riding capacity was five people in two rows, for both the first and second generation models, but this third generation X-TRAIL has added a three-row vehicle with a riding capacity of seven people in the lineup.

For the above reasons, the engines and transmissions for the most current third generation series have been made universal, with differences in the grades appearing only in "drive system," "riding capacity," and "principal equipment."

Moreover, as stated in the description of the second generation model, sale of the clean diesel model has been continued. Those who wish for clean diesel use will naturally only have that option.

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