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What is The Differences between Daihatsu Terios and Toyota Cami?

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Daihatsu Terios a compact car and falls under the category of a Mini SUV. This is the car manufactured by a Japanese car manufacturer Daihatsu. This comes with the options of 2WD and 4WD. It is powered by a five speed manual and a four speed auto transmission. This SUV was introduced in the year 1997 with a five door estate model and the smaller version was called as Terios Kid. In the year 2000 there was a change in the looks of the Terios, wherein the interiors and the exterior was given a facelift and a high end models came with central locking and electrical front windows, alloy wheels and roof rails and roof mounted rear spoiler. The power was also increased and the total machinery was a product of Japanese make. This particular Terios was available in the three models. The first generation estate, the Terios Kid which was a car like model and the Terios Lucia which was the limited edition model!

The same model was introduced in the international market. The first generation Terios which was introduced was known as the Toyota Cami. In Malaysia, this car was locally assembled and was known as Perodua Kembara. This was introduced in Indian market by the name of Premier Rio; this had a diesel and petrol engine by the Peugeot for Premier Automobiles Ltd. In China, it was known as Zotye 2008 which was later withdrawn due to the bad performance. In Indonesia, the Daihatsu Taruna was introduced with slight variations. This had a longer body and had more seating capacity.

The second generation Diahatsu was introduced in 2005 and 2006 which had some improvised features and was wider than the first generation. Diahatsu also supplied the vehicle to Toyota under the manufacturing agreement.

The first generation Daihatsu Terios was introduced in the international market by the name of Toyota Cami. Both vehicles had similar features of 4 door and the 5 seats seating capacity and 16 inches alloy wheels. The engine capacity was 1495 cc and the petrol, 4 cylinder 16 valve engines reached a maximum of 77 KW at 4400 rpm. This vehicle was given the disk brakes with the front wheels having the booster and the rear wheels having the drum. They had the Macpherson coil springs as suspension for the front and rear. They displayed the five speed manual and the four speed auto conversion speed gears.

The exteriors of both were made of polypropylene material bumpers which were supposed to be crack and chip resistant. The fog lights were also made of this material to prevent the cracking and fading issues. The interiors were very comfortable and made to be in the luxury segment, with air conditioning and a good storage compartment. They had additional features of radio and CD systems and the good positioning of cup holders etc.

Both of them had a comfortable leg space provided, with the facility to fold rear seats to make it more spacious for carrying loads. The doors were able to be opened to the widest for the comfortable entry and exit of the passengers and the luggage. The drivers were provided with air bags and ABS devices and the ability of the steering wheel to collapse to expose the brake panel.

Both Daihatsu Terios and Toyota Cami were specially designed for the comfort and safety of the people travelling. They ensured no difficulty when it came to long journey or the distance travelled. The comfort of the people and the peace of mind to the driver when he is at the steering wheel was the prime concern when planning to produce such car.

Over all, the Toyota Cami is a dependable car which has excellent performance and is a dependable brand. The pioneering features make it a good buy for a family. The cozy and comfortable interiors make it very popular throughout and has become one of the best choices be it for domestic purposes or even for an adventure sport. It’s tough on the rough roads as well and performs very well on the off road. With all the superb features, the Diahatsu Terios and Toyota Cami, have become the loved models for adventure and family utility.

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