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For first time buyer Importing a used car

11 steps you must know in order to import used cars from Japan!


We will give tips and explain in detail how both newcomers and experienced individuals can safely import used cars from Japan. 1.When choosing a car, you must also select the exporter -When selecting a car, it is absolutely vital to select which exporter to purchase from. -While there are many companies selling used cars online, we have compiled the most well known companies below: CardealPage (https://www.cardealpage.com/) BE FORWARD (https://www.beforward.jp/) SBT (https://www.sbtjapan.com/) tradecarview (https://www.tradecarview.com/) REAL MOTOR JAPAN (http://www.realmotor.jp/) Japanese Vehicles.com (http://www.japanesevehicles.com/) AUTOREC (http://www.autorec.co.jp/) Pick'nBuy24.com (https://www.picknbuy24.com/) Autocom Japan (http://autocj.co.jp/) Enhance Auto (https://www.enhance-auto.jp/) -While the more well known companies often provide a sense ...

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