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MITSUBISHI PAJERO: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?


First Generation Model (1982-1991) The first generation PAJERO went on sale in May 1982. At that time, the body type consisted of only two types-a metal top or a campus top-and both were 4 number vehicles. As for the body structure, it was not a monocoque structure, but a rudder frame with the upper body installed. The engine was of three types: 2,300cc diesel, 2,300cc diesel turbo, and 2,000cc gasoline engine. In March of the next year, 1983, the 5 number passenger model (metal top wagon) was added-the first of the class. At this time, the model carrying a gasoline ...

Used car catalogue Used car catalogue-

BMW X3: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?


First Generation T30 Model (2000 - 2007) The first generation NISSAN X-TRAIL was not based on existing models; its sale was commenced in 2000 as an entirely new type of vehicle. The car body was a monocoque structure, and instead of its being a heavy duty type that is strong off-road, it was designed mainly as a city-use model that is also compatible off-road. In the beginning, the engine lineup consisted of a naturally aspirated engine with 2,000cc displacement and 150 horsepower, and a turbo engine with 280 horsepower. The transmission that could be combined with these were the 4-speed ...

Used car catalogue Used car catalogue-

How to Avoid Collision?


If you own a car you are bound to come across a car collision at least once. However scary this may sound, it is truth. You may say "I drive the car with caution and never break any laws". You are missing out on a vital point: you are not alone on the street. You have to share it with truckers, bikers, other car drivers and trotters. So, an accident is not always caused due to your negligence. It may happen due to someone else’s error. As a part of driving training you have learned many maneuvers but none of ...

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