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Let's understand how to use each gear of a manual car


For those who have only driven an automatic-transmission vehicle, you may not know how to use gears such as 1st and 2nd gear. However, even in the case of an automatic vehicle, there are gears that the vehicle automatically shifts through. On that point, although the driver himself performs the shift change in a manual car, you will not be able to drive properly unless you understand how to use each gear. The nomenclature and arrangement of each gear Manual cars have from to 4 gears (mainly commercial vehicles) to and 6 or 7 gears (mainly sports cars) in many ...

Driving Useful tips

Dating measures! Techniques for parking


When a beginning driver goes out on a driving date, parking can be a very stressful thing. Particularly stressful is reversing into a carpark and parallel parking. Let's learn the techniques of garage parking and parallel parking so as not to be embarrassed in front of her. Tips on reversing into a park Here I will introduce the trick to how to successfully reverse into a park. (※ Assuming the car is a normal sedan type car.) 1. Determine the stop position before parking Pull the car so that it is perpendicular to the car parked in the space next ...

Driving Useful tips

Is the heavy use of engine brakes bad for your car


We often hear that you should use engine braking on a descending slope, and there are sometimes signs recommending the use of engine braking next to the road. However, if you frequently use engine brakes, will it not strain the engine or the car? Impact on the engine When you use engine brakes, the tachometer needle indicating the engine speed jumps up and the engine sound becomes loud, so you might wonder if the engine is ok. However, even with heavy engine braking, modern cars engines suffer minimal negative impact. But, caution is required as to how to apply the ...

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What is a good driver of an automatic vehicle?


The difference between those who are good at driving automatic cars and those who aren’t, is whether or not they understand the characteristics of automatic vehicles and how to use them well. Starting Because automatic cars have no clutch like a manual car, they can easily start smoothly, but can be even smoother by taking advantage of the characteristics of an automatic further. This is by using the "creep phenomenon". The creep phenomenon is a phenomenon in which the car moves forward by simply releasing the brake without stepping on the accelerator while in the D gear. When you start ...

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Do you know how to use overdrive?


A switch with "O/D" written on it on or around the shift lever of an automatic vehicle and its surroundings. Do you know what it is for and when to use it? What is overdrive (O/D)? Cars have a transmission, in order to start from the stopped state and increase the speed. This is easy to picture if you imagine the gears of a bicycle. Bicycles with gears can start moving without exerting much force, and can run much faster than bicycles without gears. Cars also have at least 3 gears. Some even have 8 or 10 speed gears. Starting ...

Driving Useful tips

Driving techniques for vans and heavy trucks


Compared with ordinary vehicles, vans and heavy trucks require certain techniques for driving because their body size is so large. I will introduce these techniques. Vans and trucks common tricks Sitting in the driver's seat and looking around Vans and heavy-duty trucks have a higher line of sight than ordinary cars, but there are still plenty of places the driver cannot see. These are known as blind spots. In order to be able to see these blind spots, vans and heavy-duty trucks have mirrors which are not present on ordinary cars. You should carefully check to see what is visible ...

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Understanding the functions of the shift lever of an Automatic car


Automatic transmission vehicles have a shift lever, but some people only use P and D. Understanding the functions of the shift lever will allow you to use your automatic vehicle more functionally. The Function of each range of the shift lever Written on the shift lever of an automatic vehicle are letters, rather than numbers. In an automatic vehicle, the letters or numbers are called the "range". Below is a summary of each range. Other buttons Several other buttons exist in and around the shift lever of automatic vehicles. Operation button The operation button is used to move the shift ...

Driving Knowledge Useful tips

What Is Unknown about the Neutral Gear


Do you know why the N (Neutral) gear is there in automatic cars? I will explain the feature of Neutral gear and when you should change to the gear. What Is the N Shift? The “N” in the shift range stands for “Neutral”. The “Neutral” is the shift where the wheel axels are not driven by the engine moves/spins. When you changed to the N, the accelerator won’t work. On a slope, the car will go down regardless of the direction of the car. Why Need the Neutral? Now, I will explain when and why we need the N in ...

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Overcoming Your Weakness in Turns


Public roads are said to be more dangerous and difficult than running on the circuit. On public roads, other than the gaps between driver`s level, there are lots of dangerous things to be careful of when in situations such as, going through other cars and intersections, and stopping at traffic signals. In this article, we will introduce you the tips on how to handle such situations, so that you can drive through them smoothly. Tips on Turning Right / Left There are many intersections in public roads, so there are times that we need to make a turn. Therefore, accidents ...

Driving Useful tips

What Makes a Bad Driver and a Good Driver?


Have you ever got complimented by your girlfriend for your driving skill? If she did, is it truly a compliment or is it just her being considerate? In this article, we will point out to you what good and bad drivers do in common and how to fix them. Difference between a Good Driver and Poor Driver It is difficult to realize it yourself whether you are a good driver or a bad driver because probably nobody has ever told you before. So first, let us try to think of what describes good and bad driver. Characteristics of a Good ...

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