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Kei Trucks for Business: Maximizing Productivity on Japanese Mini Trucks

Benefits of Kei Trucks Compact size and maneuverability They are made small and nimble, just for the tight and narrow alleyways, thick urban setups, and areas full of congestion. The small size makes for easy parking and maneuvering; for this reason, it can be of great benefit to businesses in urban settings or those that make many stops. Fuel Efficiency Some of the most attractive qualities of Kei trucks are that they are relatively fuel-efficient. By being designed with small yet capable engines, these autos consume significantly less fuel when compared to larger trucks and vans. This can lead to ...

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The Ultimate Guide to All Things JDM: Automobiles and Why Auto Enthusiasts Can't Get Enough of Them

If you are an enthusiast, you have probably already heard of JDM cars. But what exactly is JDM? JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market, literally referring to cars and car parts that are meant for Japan. Such cars are pretty famous for their performance, reliability, and very different features from those you experience in models destined for other markets. The present article thus seeks to explore what has made JDM cars so special, focusing on some of the best examples of such vehicles and attempting to explain what it is that has car enthusiasts all over the world drooling. Image ...

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What happens if you do not replace your car's spark plugs?


Have you ever heard of spark plugs? They are an important part of a car engine, but what happens if you keep driving without changing the spark plugs? What is a spark plug? A spark plug is an engine part that ignites a mixture of petrol and oxygen as it enters the cylinder of the engine. The combustion of the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder drives the engine. Living up to their name, spark plugs usually spark a considerably high voltage of 10,000-30,000 volts in order to ignite the air/fuel mixture. The performance of the spark plugs are critical, as ...

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What should I do if the oil check lamp turns on?


Usually, a car’s oil lamp lights up briefly before starting the engine. However, when the oil lamp lights up while driving, this indicates the car is in a very dangerous condition. Cause of the oil lamp lighting up The oil lamp is a lamp that lights up and warns you when hydraulic pressure is decreasing. Cause of low oil pressure The main reasons for a drop in hydraulic pressure are as follows. Oil pump malfunctions As the vehicle’s mileage rises, the possibility the oil pump failing increases. If the oil pump fails, it won’t be able to suck up the ...

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What is engine braking? How to use engine brakes and how they work


When you hear the word "engine brake" in a conversation, have you ever tried to pretend like you know what it means? There is even a funny story about a driver who said "Please give an engine brake" at the mechanic. What is engine braking? I will also introduce the mechanism and how to use it. What is engine braking? Engine braking is braking that uses the resistance of engine rotation. When the accelerator is depressed, the engine rotation speed rises to generate the power of the car, but when the accelerator is returned, the engine rotation drops, and the ...

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What causes black or white smoke to come from a diesel car’s exhaust?


Diesel engines are commonly associated with black smoke spewing from the exhaust, right? You can often see, on uphill slopes and the like, trucks spitting out black smoke from behind. I will tell you the reason why diesel engines produce black or white smoke. Black smoke and white smoke are signals of a dangerous engine Care must be taken when black smoke, white smoke, or both are emitted from the exhaust of a diesel engine. Depending on the cause, this may be a sign of a malfunction or failure of the engine, so if you leave it as it is, ...

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The battery warning light does not light up when the battery is broken


When the battery warning light turns on while driving, it can make you panic, right? Actually, the battery warning light turning on does not mean that the battery is broken. I will tell you why the battery warning light illuminates and how to deal with it. What is the role of the battery warning light? The battery warning light is a warning light that lights up when there is an abnormality in the state of charge of the battery. Generally, the battery of a car is 12 V, and around 14 V while running, but it is voltage below a ...

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Do you know how to use overdrive?


A switch with "O/D" written on it on or around the shift lever of an automatic vehicle and its surroundings. Do you know what it is for and when to use it? What is overdrive (O/D)? Cars have a transmission, in order to start from the stopped state and increase the speed. This is easy to picture if you imagine the gears of a bicycle. Bicycles with gears can start moving without exerting much force, and can run much faster than bicycles without gears. Cars also have at least 3 gears. Some even have 8 or 10 speed gears. Starting ...

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Do automatic cars also engine stall?


When most people hear of a car stalling, they think of manual-transmission cars, and situations like failed hill-starts or stalling when starting after waiting at traffic lights. However, in fact, even automatic cars can stall. Why does this happen? The cause of stalling in automatic vehicles Here, we will introduce the engine stalling by symptoms. 1.Quiet stalling without warning On occasion, a vehicle might suddenly stall without any warning when running. There is a possibility that trouble may have occurred in the ignition system. Specifically, there is a problem with spark plug or plug cord. Because the spark plug does ...

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What are the “recirculation” and “fresh air mode” buttons on a vehicle’s air conditioner for?


There are two buttons on a car’s air conditioner. One is the “recirculation” button, and the other is the “fresh air mode” button.   How to use these buttons is one of the things commonly reported as unknown by vehicle owners, so here I will tell you about their distinctions. What is “recirculation mode”? Recirculation is used is to circulate the air inside the car. Selecting this button closes an air duct in the front of the car so that the air from outside the car does not enter the car. What is “fresh air mode”? Selecting this button introduces ...

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