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What will happen if diesel put into a petrol vehicle?


You are supposed to fill a diesel vehicle with diesel and a petrol (gasoline) vehicle with petrol. What would happen if you put incorrect fuel to the vehicle? I will explain the symptom the vehicle may have when you have accidentally pumped diesel to a petrol vehicle and vice versa-. Symptoms of incorrect fuel contamination Putting petrol to a diesel car It will lower the engine power significantly if diesel has been mixed with petrol in the fuel tank.  Also, some other unusual symptoms may be seen, for example, odd idling, the engine noise, vibration, or black smoke from the ...

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Is Your Engine Oil Gradually Depleting? Here Are Some Reasons Why


Engine oil is different from gasoline, basically it should not decrease. However, it may do in some cases. I will introduce the causes and the remedies in these cases. In the case of a sudden drop in oil level Engine oil depletion is commonly known as an "oil leak", but there can be many causes. Easy to notice Causes Oil pan damage Engine oil accumulates in a place called the "oil pan" under the engine. If the oil pan hits something, cracks or holes may appear, and engine oil will leak from here a lot. In this case, the engine ...

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When is the Best Time to Replace Engine Oil?


Every car engine has its own engine oil inside. Since these engine oil will be used up and deteriorate after use, there is a need to replace it periodically. In addition, it is also necessary to change the oil element according to the period of use as well. So when should we replace it? In this article, we will introduce you the appropriate time to replace engine oil and oil element. Role of Engine Oil Engines are divided to several types, but what they have in common is that friction occurs between the parts inside the engine. When friction occurs, ...

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How to Choose Engine Oil for Beginners and All the Necessary Knowledge


When you say engine oil, there are various kinds of oils that are sold from various oil manufacturers. For beginners, you will most probably having a trouble in choosing one yourself. So in order to know which oil works best for your car, we will be explaining to you the differences between the varieties of oil that are available, such as viscosities and standards. Types of Engine Oil Depending on the combination of the manufacturing methods and standards, there are many types of engine oil that are being sold in the car shop. Manufacturing Method of the Engine Oil Base ...

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How to Maintain Car Battery and When to Do it


Batteries are always installed in every car. These batteries may weaken or run out of energy, and so the car will not be able to move anymore. So in this case, we have to recharge the battery, and we will explain it to you how to do it and what the important things to remember are. What is a Car Battery? The battery of a car here refers to a ‘Storage Battery’ that stores electricity used by a car and usually installed inside the engine room. As for hybrid cars, they use a different type of battery called the ‘Auxiliary ...

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Is Your Engine Oil Degraded?


Engine oil is not something that you can use forever without replacement. The oil has its own lifespan, so as you drive the car, it degrades as time passes. So what happens to the engine oil when it deteriorates? We will introduce you the guidelines to determine whether your car’s engine oil is deteriorated or not. Why Does Engine Oil Deteriorate? In an engine, there is a piston in tubular shape that produces power for the car by moving up and down or in rotary motion at high speed depending on the engine. Due to moving at such high speed, ...

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Engine Oil is Leaking! What Are the Common Causes and What Can Be Done About It?


If you want to take care of your car, "Engine Oil Leakage" that is worrisome. If you have a high mileage car, it is a sign that the oil leakage cannot be avoided. In this article, we will explain to you what are the causes and the symptoms of oil leakage, and whether you can deal it yourself or not. What Are the Symptoms of Engine Oil Leakage? As engine oil continues to leak, it will cause great damage to the engine. So it is important to realize it quick if the engine oil is leaking or not. In order ...

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When the oil check lamp lights up, how to check it out and what to do?


Usually, oil lamp lights up a little before hanging on the engine. However, when the oil lamp lights up while driving, the car is in a very dangerous condition. What happens to the car when the oil lamp turns on? I will show you why it will light up, what to check and how to deal with it to turn off. Cause of the oil lamp lighting up Oil lamps are what we call hydraulic warning lights. It is a lamp which warns by lighting if there is an abnormality in hydraulic pressure as the name suggests. The abnormality of ...

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A Liquid Comes Out Of My Exhaust Pipe What Could This Be?


If you see some form of liquid coming out of your exhaust pipe you should first determine what it is and if it’s dangerous before panicking. It could either be water or a petrol mixture. There can be a few different reasons why there could be water or petrol coming out of your tailpipe and some are not problematic at all while others can be very serious problems. Follow the set of guidelines below to figure out how serious your problem is. If you have water coming out of your exhaust In most of the cases, if there is water ...

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How you can extend the life of your car tires


Tires are the stuff that let you have a smooth and safe drive for your car. Since tires play a vital role in the safety of your car, it is important to maintain the tires properly. Further this is the important part of the car that gets constantly worn out due to continuous use. Whether the tires are used or not, the quality of the tires may get deteriorated over a period of time. You can definitely extend the life of your car tire by keeping the recommended tire pressure. Further, the life of the car tire can be prolonged ...

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