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Zambian Motorists Share The Experiences They Have With The Vehicles They Drive

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Featured Vehicle: Peugeot 504, 1983 model

In this issue of what I like about the vehicle I drive, we feature Mr. Gibson Berlingtone Masuwa owner of a 1983 model Peugeot 504 made from the Livingstone Motor Assembly in Livingstone. Here is what he had to say.

We want to know your full names and what you do fora living? My names are Gibson Berlingtone asuwa, and am a transport officer by profession. Currently am not working anywhere, but some years back, I worked for a number of companies such as Contract Haulage in 1973 and Haulage Rudnup (Z) Ltd a Yugoslavian company in 1976. I should also say that I was the first transport officer to transport copper ore from Kansanshi to Mimbula Fitula mine at Kasompe in Chingola. I also worked for ZCF and later Amanita Premium Oil. Infact I bought this Peugeot whilst working for Amanita.

What made you buy a Peugeot 504 out of all cars? The Peugeot 504 has a lot of memories.

During the time of Indeco and Zimco, it was only driven by general managers. So in the olden days the sound of a Peugeot 504 was synonymous with the arrival of a general manager, and for a long time we used to envy these Peugeot because of the status core they had. So when the opportunity came for me to buy a Peugeot 504, l didn’t hesitate because it brought a lot of memories. Where did you buy this Peugeot from, which year was that and how much did it cost you? I bought this Peugeot from the then Agip Zambia in 2005 and the person that sold me the vehicle was a Mr Cassili who was then general manager. It costed me K6million unrebased.

How has the vehicle performed from the time you bought it and how do you manage to maintain it? From the time I bought this Peugeot, I have had no problems with it because it has a simple engine that is very easy to maintain. The good thing is that there is a shop called Petco in town owned by Mr Patel and he has all the spares for a Peugeot 504. The cost of maintaining this car is very low. All I do is just to ensure that I maintain the service program which only requires, an oil filter,engine oil,four Bosh plugs and cleaning the air filter. I also make sure the engine is always washed.

How does it perform in terms of fuel usage?

Fuel consumption is not bad considering that it is an old engine. I usually use about 2 litres to take me from home in Garden compound into and around town and back home in Garden.

What is the furthest distance you have done with it?

I have moved from Lusaka to Ndola and back with it without any problems.

Is there a specific garage where you take your vehicle for repair?

There is no specific garage where I take my vehicle for repair, there is just a gentleman by the name of Ngwenya who does the repairs for me. He is a very good mechanic and he is based in Mandevu.

What are your last remarks?

My last remarks are that government should reintroduce vehicle assembly plants in Zambia where vehicles like my Peugeot can be made. The good thing is that when vehicles are made locally, they are made to suite the local terrain and because of this they can go anywhere in the country.

1st Nov 2014

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