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Seller :CardealPage Co., Ltd.

11th Oct 2016

Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.

I have received the Truck yesterday thank you so much for your good business looking forward to order some more from you guys in the future.

Kind Regards

Thank you very much for sending photo and message.

We are very happy from you that your Canter woks very well in Tonga.
We do hope that it works for long in Tonga.
Looking forward to having lots of deals with you in the near future.

Thank you again,

Yours sincerely,


Mr. X Z


SAAB 9-3

Seller :CardealPage Co., Ltd.

2nd Nov 2015

Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.

Here is some pictures I took with my friend.


Thank you so much for sending us your photos.

We are very happy to hear about receiving your car safely, and will make sure that you continue to get the best deals and service possible.
Please let us know if you need anything more from us. We would be very happy to offer you any help you might need.

All the very best,

Seller :CardealPage Co., Ltd.

8th Sep 2015

Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.

Hi Inacio

Sorry it took me ages to finally get around to doing this.

So far, my vehicle is working great other than the minor radio/tape problem I encountered when the vehicle first arrived. However, the radio problem has been fixed and I am happy with how my van works.
Please find attached my picture with the van as you have requested.

Best Regards

Dear Mrs. M T,

Thank you very much for your photo.
I am very happy to finally receive your photo.
You look very happy with your Townace Noah, I am sure it will serve you for a long time.
Please contact us again when you need any other vehicle.

Yours Sincerely,

Seller :CardealPage Co., Ltd.

2nd Jul 2014

Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.

Thank you for your email. I have informed Yunus last week that I received my vehicle on Tuesday, 29th April 2014.
Let me thank you and your team sincerely for your professional help in ensuring that our vehicle arrived in Tonga on time and in good condition.
I am very pleased with the vehicle although my husband is yet to comment if he's just as pleased as I am :)
As this was my first experience in purchasing a vehicle from abroad, I had many doubts to be honest but I was at ease as your team and in particular Yunus and Shota, were able to answer my countless questions. They went as far as calling me from Japan to follow up on my request at the beginning to assure me that the vehicle I was after was in fact a good vehicle and other information they could provide to satisfy my curiosity. I was quite impressed!
Once again, thank you and we have spread the word in Tonga to people around us about Cardealpage. We will be in touch of course of any future purchases. Meanwhile, please find the attached photographs of the vehicle in our garage and next to our old truck. My apologies about the quality of the photos as I don't have a camera but took those with my phone.
May our good and gracious Lord Jesus Christ bless your team and the business!

Kind regards,

Thank you very much for your e-mail and photos.
It would be the best if you could send photo of you and the car.
I really appreciate your timely communication with us and your trust to our company.
We hope to do more and more business with you in the future.


Seller :CardealPage Co., Ltd.

6th Jan 2013

Customer who purchased a car from CardealPage Co., Ltd.

Yunus, We picked up vehicle last Friday.
Hey I am not an easy person to please but this Hi-lux far exceeded my expectations.
this vehicle looks and runs like new just a beautiful car. We have 2 hi-luxs now and this one was going to be my fishing car but due to the wonderful condition has moved up to the #1 spot and I will now use the newer Hi-lux we have for fishing.
When we purchase a new vehicle next time we will definitely use you.

thank you.

I am glad to know the Hilux Surf is now your favorite one. Our customers' satisfaction is our satisfaction too.
We all hope you will enjoy driving the Hilux to the fishing place every time.
Enjoy your fishing with your new partner, the Hilux Surf. We will wait for your next use of our service.


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