How to Buy

CardealPage is the leading platform for used cars where you can buy with utmost ease and confidence.

For first-time importers (please click on the link)

Step 1Start your search from TOP page!

At CardealPage, you can search for your vehicle through various categories from TOP page.
For example, you can choose to have the search results listed according to make, car type, year, price, and many more!

Step 2Choose your arrival port!

You can see the all-inclusive (CIF) prices to your arrival port at CardealPage,
which makes searching and comparing prices of many vehicles easy as 1 2 3!

Step 3Find the right vehicle for you!

  • You can see the name of the exporting company next to "Seller"

  • If a vehicle needs attention or some repairs, the "" mark will appear in the add info section.
    Please follow it up for more details.
    ※ It may also be possible to get the vehicle refurbished using Japanese spare parts. Please inquire.

Step 4Check the car details and total price!

  • Review the pictures, specs, and condition.

  • You can see here how many people are considering to purchase the units.
    ※ We essentially sell on a first come first served basis! Be quick to avoid disappointment!

  • Check the total (CIF) price to your arrival port.

Step 5Contact Seller

Fill in all the essential details and click on Contact Seller.

Go to Chat Room and negotiate with the Seller. Upon agreeing on price, the Seller will issue you an invoice. Please click on "ACCEPT", and you will be able to print out the invoice.

All vehicles listed on CardealPage are sold with Cardeal Protection.

Step 6Payment

Invoices: Please arrange payment via the bank details as provided on the invoice.
The CIF/CFR amount as shown must be wired via Telegraphic Trasnsfer. Please then forward the proof of payment to the seller.

Step 7After Payment

You will receive a notification from the Seller to confirm the receipt of your payment.
Please contact the Seller if you don’t hear from them.

Step 8Confirm consignee, notify party, and courier address

Please check and confirm these details with your Seller.
If your seller is CardealPage, please fill in/edit your details through My Account as appropriate.

Step 9Shipping

Please check with your Seller in approximately a week after you receive payment confirmation.
If your seller is CardealPage, you can track the progress through My Account.

Step 10Departure/Arrival

Your vehicle is leaving Japan, and is about to arrive at your arrival port!
Following your vessel’s departure from Japan, you will be sent to your sepecified courier address
all the documents you will need for customs clearance and registration of your vehicle.
Please get in touch with your port’s clearing agent to organize and prepare for the clearing process prior to the vessel’s arrival.

Step 11The first drive

Please bear in mind that the vehicle would have been immobile for some time during shipping.
It can lead to damages and breakdowns if you suddenly start revving the engine at full throttle.
We advise to let your vehicle warm up for several minutes by leaving your engine on idle before the first drive.
If your seller is CardealPage, you will find a special instructions sheet on the front glass of the vehicle.

Step 12Feedback

How do you like the vehicle? Are you satisfied with the quality of the vehicle and the Seller’s
communications & service? Please send a photo of yourself and the vehicle along with your feedback!

To first-time importers

The table below outlines the main costs associated with importing a vehicle.

You need to budget the sum of all these.
Please ask your clearing agent for the specific costs outside the CIF price.
CardealPage is also able to process on your behalf the sections outlined
in blue; Clearing Fee, and Transportation Fee to your country.
Please inquire for more details.