Local Dealer List

In general, used car exporters primarily sell cars purchased through auctions to customers overseas.
In contrast, local dealers tend to possess cars that are not distributed through auctions, but do not have the know-how to export overseas; therefore, they often do not directly sell to overseas users.
But CardealPage lists the cars of these local dealers, so you may discover cars you never expected through our listings.

A professional salesman will support any questions you may have about your first time importing a car, the car specs, and so on.
Additionally, please be assured that after payment is made, we will continue to support you until the car is delivered.

If you apply for Cardeal Inspection, CardealPage inspector will confirm any differences between the listed information and the car's equipment and condition before it leaves port.
This is a service in addition to Gulliver's standard guaranteed assurance.
What is Cardeal Inspection?