We will secure your payment

CardealPage provides a secure way for you to purchase your dream car.
We will act as a third-party and will hold onto your payment until there is proof that your vehicle will be exported.

3 Advantages of the CardealPage

1. Dealing with the Seller for the first time? No worries!

By using CardealPage, you will be sending your money not to the Seller, but to CardealPage's bank account, and CardealPage will transfer your money to the Seller only when we've seen proof that your vehicle will be shipped out.
Therefore we can guarantee that you will receive your vehicle.

CardealPage is backed with a strong sales record of approximately 2,000 units a year. You are in very safe hands!

2. Inspection before shipping.

You will also be able to select the "Cardeal Inspection" as an extra service, where a CardealPage inspector will physically compare the vehicle with the details as you agreed on at the time of purchase. The inspector will check the specs and condition before the vehicle is shipped out.

Please click on the link below for more details.
What is Cardeal Inspection?

3. Money Back Guarantee!

If the seller fails to ship your vehicle, your money which was stored by CardealPage will be refunded!

Cardeal Inspection

What is Cardeal Inspection?

"Cardeal Inspection" ensures that you are getting your vehicle with matching descriptions as you agreed on at the time of purchase.
A CardealPage inspector will do a cross-reference check on the vehicle before it gets shipped out.
This service is selectable as an optional extra.

"Cardeal Inspection" costs $150 per each transaction.

US$ 150

Not happy with the difference? No worries! You have money-back guarantee!

CardealPage will inform you if any differences were found as a result of the inspection.
You will then be given the options of resolving the differences with the seller, or a refund.

* If it doesn't pass "Cardeal Inspection" and you choose to have the money refunded, you will receive the total amount you paid, minus the "Cardeal Inspection" fee.

PLUS, you will be sent picture(s) of your vehicle from inspection!

We will take picture(s) of your vehicle from Cardeal Check and send them to you.
You can take comfort in seeing exactly what your vehicle looks like just before it gets shipped out!

* Availability of this service is dependent on the logistics at the port. We can not guarantee this service every time.

We also do Meter falsification check!

Among Japanese used cars that you want to import, there might be a vehicle with meter falsification(fake mileage). Also, some exporters intentionally do meter falsification while selling the vehicles.
During CardealPage Inspection, the mechanic will also check your car whether meter falsification has been done or not.
In case the mechanic finds out that meter has been falsified, we will inform you about it. (It will be limited to the cars with auction sale history in the past).

Certificate of Odometer Verification

Cardeal Inspection Checkpoints

Cardeal Inspection's checkpoints is as below.

Check Points
Car Name Must be as listed.
Model Code
Chassis number
1. Mileage difference of within 1,000km on either side is accepted.
2. Odometer rewind: yes/no (we will check whether the mileage has been rewound by tracking mileage history).
3. Odometer replacement: yes/no.
Engine Code Must be the same as indicated on Export Certificate.
Reg.Year / Month
Seatbelts Year Must be as listed.
Fuel type
Engine Size/Displacement
Transmission Type
Drive Type (2WD/4WD)
Number of Doors
Number of Seats
Air Conditioning Valid if all components such as gas and compressor function as expected, and expels cold air.
Power Steering Valid if Power Steering works as normal/expected
Power Windows Valid if all Power Windows work.
ABS Valid if equipped with ABS function, and there are no corresponding warning light on dashboard.
Air Bag Valid if equipped with Air Bag function, and there are no corresponding warning light on dashboard.
Power Mirrors Valid if angles can be adjusted left/right on command.
Central Locking Valid if all the doors lock on command via the driver's side switch.
Keyless Entry Valid if the car can be locked /unlocked with the device.
Cassette Stereo Valid if it plays back music on command.
CD Player
CD Changer
Sunroof Valid if there is a window in the roof, and moves on command.
Leather Seat Valid if any part of the seat is leather.
<Equipped Kit>
Jack Must be the complete set of parts required to lift a vehicle to quality as "Jack".
Tool Kit Must be the complete set of parts required to change tires to quality as "Tool Kit".
Spare Tire Must not be punctured to quality as "Spare Tire".
Spare Key Must be able to start the engine and also be able to close/open the door to qualify as "Spare Key".
Engine Valid if there are no abnormal noises, and oil leaks that could present problems to drive while engine is on.
Exhaust Gas Valid if there is no white/black smoke.
Transmission Valid if there is no shift shock or slide and anything else that will present problems to drive.
Radiator Valid if there are no oil leaks that could present problems to your drive.
Interior Smell Valid if there are no smells of cigarettes, pets, and anything else that's undesirable.
Windshield Valid if there are no cracks longer than 1.5cm in length/diameter.
Warning Light Valid if no warning light on dashboard.
NOT Valid if the vehicle is found with the following, without further information in Add. Info.
  • Problems to the vehicle condition, and/or accessories.
  • - Problems that can't be seen through photos alone
    (e.g. defects from previous accidents and natural disasters that affects the running of the vehicle.)
  • - Specially modified vehicles, or any type of conversion to the body, mechanic, and interior of the vehicle.
  • - Any other aspects that CardealPage decides as a serious problem or defect.

* Cardeal Inspection does not include a drive-test. CardealPage is unable to take any responsibility for problems that can be only detected through drive-tests.
* Some vehicles are listed with limited descriptions and details. Cardeal Inspection will then be carried using whatever information is available.