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HID (Xenon Light) Beneficial?

15th Jan 2014

The common name for the HID lights is Xenon headlamps still not most of them in reality use the halide lamps that contain the Xenon gas. The Xenon gas is only used to allow lamp to produce minimum quantity of light immediately after the lamp is powered on. This is done to accelerate the run up time of lamp. The main difference between the HID headlamps and the regular tungsten filament lamp is the distinctive bluish color that it emits. The Xenon lights give greater amount of light output as compared to the electrical power input they take. Also the luminous efficacy transforms a larger proportion of radiation in light as compared to the heat emission. Even after such advantage of the HID they are mostly still used in low beam operations and rarely used in high beam lamps. The advantage of HID headlamps is the increased safety provided by the usable light as compared to the regular halide and halogen ones. Other advantages include the reduced power consumption and service life of HID which ranges 2-4 times more as compared to the regular halogen functioning life....

Benefits of having a sunroof in your car

11th Dec 2013

Sunroof is the window like opening which is mounted on the rooftop of the cars and SUV’s. There are a number of benefits that could be listed for having a sunroof. ...

How to Choose the Right Car Video System?

1st May 2013

Picture this situation: it’s a hot summer day and you are carrying your family for a trip in your car. You have been riding for hours now, and all the riders are feeling the heat even though there is air conditioning turned on. Not one of your kids has complained, far from it they have been sitting silent all through the trip and at times giggling. Isn’t it a dream like situation? This is the power that car video system offers to you. Car video systems are popular among the car owners and why shouldn’t they? These devices provide entertainment, fun and even keep your car safe. Most of the cars have built in video systems as factory components for other models you have to buy and install these. The video entertainment system can make your car a better place to ride in. Before going ahead with the how to buy guide it is important to judge the benefits of these systems....

Guide on using Anti Theft Devices

3rd Apr 2013

Most of today’s manufactured vehicles come standard with some type of anti-theft device even the base versions. These devices not only offer overall protection for your vehicle, but also play a significant role in lowering your insurance premiums. Apart from the factory installed anti-theft device, you can always add aftermarket systems, and the more you have, the lower the insurance premium. This is simply because the substantially high rate of auto theft, which costs insurance companies a fortune and even higher than regular car accidental damage....

Losing your Car Keys may Cost you a Fortune!

22th Feb 2013

Losing your cars keys is not something uncommon, but fact is we’ve all probably done it at least once since owning a vehicle. Misplacing cars keys is simple because they are small and lightweight that they can either be lost among clothes or on a night out without the slightest knowledge. Until a few years ago, losing your car keys wasn’t such as big deal since it was fairly easy to replace them by just going to a car dealership, repair shop or your nearest key maker. Due to the easy process of getting car keys replaced, it was much easier for thieves to steal your vehicles, which in return costs insurance companies heavy losses. But times have changed and with the advancement of technology, it is no longer easy to make a replacement set nor is it cheap....

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