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How To Protect Your Car Body From Scratches?

8th Jan 2014

Seeing the first scratch on the brand new car will tear anybody’s heart apart. It’s definitely not an impossible task to take care of your car’s finish. If you want to be the owner of your car, you need to take care of your possession thoroughly. Regardless of the age of the car, taking care of the car’s exterior finish is one of the essential lessons to understand about being the owner of the car. You might need to set apart a whole day for this job. Although it might not take a whole day, you can always rest on the other half of the day. Remember these points when doing the procedure....

Tips to Wash and Wax your Car

16th Oct 2013

Many car owners believe in the myth that washing their vehicle everyday is damaging to the exterior, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, car experts claim that cleaning the exterior daily actually causes no harm to the exterior, but is rather good for the overall maintenance of the vehicle. ...

Why do we have to Rotate Tires?

2nd Oct 2013

Rotating your tires is one of the regular maintenance tasks of a vehicle, which not only ensures a safer driving experience, but extends the lifeline of your tires. Whether you choose to go to a tire shop to get the job done or do it yourself, knowing the reasons for rotating tires is important. Tires rotate all the time when driving, but that’s not what the concept of rotating tires implies. ...

How you can extend the life of your car tires

6th Aug 2013

Tires are the stuff that let you have a smooth and safe drive for your car. Since tires play a vital role in the safety of your car, it is important to maintain the tires properly. Further this is the important part of the car that gets constantly worn out due to continuous use. Whether the tires are used or not, the quality of the tires may get deteriorated over a period of time. You can definitely extend the life of your car tire by keeping the recommended tire pressure. Further, the life of the car tire can be prolonged by having correct wheel alignment. Bad wheel alignment will result in uncomfortable driving experience and also would be a reason to get the tire worn out quickly. ...

Tips To Protect Your Car Battery

4th Aug 2013

Battery is an important component in the car. It is a device consisting of many electromechanical cells that produce electric energy by converting stored chemical energy. The medium to generate electric power, electrolyte, in a battery is sulfuric acid. Since acids are dangerous and are harmful when contacted, take maximum precautions when dealing with battery maintenance. Avoid acid getting splashed to eyes. If by any chance, acid is splashed on your skin, then immediately wash it with as much possible fresh water, followed by soap water. ...