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Driving tips When you drive on steep slopes

12th Mar 2014

If there is anything very true that applies to the skill of driving it is to be prepared always for anything. Driving on a straight countryside is quite an easy task although the real driving skills are required when you have to drive along slopes and hills. Anyone and everyone can learn driving skills along a straight road however it is extremely important and necessary to learn a few skills to handle your vehicle while driving along a steep slope uphill or downhill. It presents a challenge especially it involves frequent skills of braking and cornering. Both these actions introduce forces in addition to natural on the vehicle and its balance....

Photo by Edgar Zuniga Jr.

How To Drive In Fog

19th Feb 2014

Both fog and mist are nothing but tiny water droplets that are released in air. Or in other words, you can say that a cloud thick and heavy with water droplets that is released in air just above the or near the surface of the earth. The only difference you might find in both of them is their density. Obviously, fog has more quantity of water in it so denser than the mist. In pilot’s term, when one cannot visualize farther than 1000meters, it is known as fog. Many of the motorists think that one should be able to see up to 200 meters before terming it as fog. These droplets that are suspended in the air scatter the light rays that should have directly come to us; and so we cannot see the far away objects because of the blockage. The objects we can see or visualize are fainter and blur because it is reduced in contrast because of the fog. This contrast is varies every time and its changing depends on the distance of the object from you, the ratio of droplets and the scattering (smaller droplet swill increase the scattering and vice versa), it being fog or addition of smoke making it into smog and the color that is the wavelength of light ray that reaches your eye (red light scatters less than blue). ...

Become A Master Manual Transmission User

12th Feb 2014

Because of the advancements in the technology in the yesteryears, automatic transmission is in vogue these days. Many high end cars today come with automatic transmission, and many youngsters are habituated with these transmissions. Because automatic transmission is easy and less risky, these are good and suitable for students and busy people. Because of this, the trend of manual transmission is on the verge of extinction these days. However, there are many users who still want and need to control the power of the car. Among these are some of the racing legends and off road lovers. They desire to control the manual transmission smoothly and race the car with best caution and safety. For such crazy people, there is good news. We have designed a guide to help you master the art of gaining control over the manual transmission in a short period of time. Go through this article and help yourself in preparing for the manual transmission drive. ...

How to Drive for more Kilometers per Liter?

16th Oct 2013

As the cost of gas is at an all time high, and doesn’t seem to be coming down anytime soon, using your vehicle for regular commute is definitely expensive. Due to this, people now resort to public transport to get by their daily errands, while their car sits idle and shows no sign of returning to the road anytime soon. Good news is that there are a few things you can do drive for more kilometers per liter you fill, and most of these are common sense and good practices for the most part. The tips outlined below will help you make the best out a bad situation. ...

How to enhance fuel efficiency of your car

28th Aug 2013

Conservation of energy and improving fuel efficiency of your car should be your top priority whenever you use a car. Improved or better fuel efficiency will be a direct saving in your gas bills. Considering galloping gas prices, enhancing fuel efficiency and finding out various means to do it is the best contribution that you can offer to the nation. Fuel efficiency can be improved by improved driving skills and proper maintenance of the car. We can adopt a three prong policies by style of driving, maintenance of your car and improving your driving mentality. If all the three areas streamlined together you can certainly enhance fuel efficiency. ...