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A Liquid Comes Out Of My Exhaust Pipe What Could This Be?

16th Sep 2014

If you see some form of liquid coming out of your exhaust pipe you should first determine what it is and if it’s dangerous before panicking. It could either be water or a petrol mixture. There can be a few different reasons why there could be water or petrol coming out of your tailpipe and some are not problematic at all while others can be very serious problems. Follow the set of guidelines below to figure out how serious your problem is....

How to Use Jack in Your Car

29th Jan 2014

We all are mostly familiar with car Jack. It is a device that is used to lift any vehicle from the ground so that it becomes easier to perform certain tasks like changing the tire or performing some maintenance of your vehicle. Vehicle jack are available in different sized based on their capacities; however they are also available in different types. The most common type is the bottle jack, hydraulic in function; it derived its name from the bottle like shape where the main hydraulic mechanism is housed. The section of the top extends in the form of life and it is to be kept under the car or vehicle. Some Car jacks have air pump, which is used to lift the car in a way, whereas others use the conventional manual method to life the car....

What Can You Tell From Exhaust Gas of Your Car?

22th Jan 2014

The exhaust system of your car is not just limited to the exhaust pipe and muffler as was considered some years back. The exhaust system has slowly evolved from the old days and has come a long way. Today, the exhaust systems of your car are more controlled with safety and emissions into one unit. If there is any problem with your vehicle it can be immediately traced with the help of getting the exhaust system of your vehicle checked....

What is the Best Motor Oil for my Engine?

20th Nov 2013

The best answer is the type specified in your owner’s manual, but let’s take a detailed look in case it’s not handy. Auto experts suggest that for most vehicles, the type of motor oil to be used is the one with “SH" rating. 5W-30 is the most compatible oil for most vehicles and for all around driving. The lighter versions of these oils contain fewer additives that not only allow the oil to reach critical components of the vehicle faster when first started or when the engine is cold, but improve fuel economy. So although this is the recommended oil to use, key is that you use oil that is thin, which will allow it to circulate easily and efficiently at cold temperatures....

Is your Check Engine Light trying to say Something?

25th Sep 2013

An activated Check Engine light in your gauge cluster can definitely lead to a rush of anxiety, and have you guessing the worst. The light could mean something minor or a costly problem. Whatever the case maybe, key is that the “Check Engine" light is there for a reason and should never be ignored! Sometimes you may notice that the light will flicker periodically, which still requires attention of a reputable car mechanic or dealer. ...

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