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Pesquisa por Fabricante

TOYOTA (2,611)
NISSAN (832)
HONDA (491)
MAZDA (290)
SUBARU (200)
SUZUKI (212)
ISUZU (51)
HINO (34)
BMW (307)
AUDI (112)

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Melhor negócio for New Zealand

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Ano: 2000
FOB: $1,457
Ano: 2002
FOB: $2,239
Ano: 2004
FOB: $2,250
Ano: 1995
FOB: $3,010
Ano: 2006
FOB: $900
Ano: 2006
FOB: $950
Ano: 1999
FOB: $790
Ano: 2009
FOB: $1,650
Ano: 2002
FOB: $1,750
Ano: 1999
FOB: $1,460
Ano: 1998
FOB: $1,071
Ano: 2002
FOB: $576
Ano: 2001
FOB: $3,770
Ano: 2002
FOB: $7,360
Ano: 1992
FOB: $10,642
Ano: 2007
FOB: $252

Novidades for New Zealand

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Ano: 1992
FOB: $8,521
Ano: 2014
FOB: $8,896
Ano: 1996
FOB: $9,677
Ano: 1992
FOB: $12,300
Ano: 2012
FOB: $3,729
Ano: 2001
FOB: $14,057
Ano: 2007
FOB: $1,687
Ano: 2015
FOB: $19,485
Ano: 2012
FOB: $950
Ano: 2018
FOB: $58,577
Ano: 1991
FOB: $7,400
Ano: 2018
FOB: $30,810
Ano: 2008
FOB: $9,160
Ano: 2006
FOB: $1,300
Ano: 2012
FOB: $14,607
Ano: 2006
FOB: $3,187
Ano: 2006
FOB: $1,372
Ano: 2006
FOB: $1,873

CardealPage Recommends "New Zealand D2D Service"

CAR-GO world

Globaline through our CAR-GO world service provide the “PREMIER” service for all types of vehicles from Japan to New Zealand and all other ports in Oceania.

In concert with our New Zealand partners – Cargo Co-ordinators – we have the longest experience in this trade, and also offer the fastest service structure for vehicles to New Zealand.

While we offer a full service package - door to door - with all required inspections, we do not stop there, and provide a full consultancy service for you that includes a “landed cost calculation facility” and recommendations to compliance and remediation centres that you can trust.

If in New Zealand, please contact with our office through the details below, and you will find very knowledgeable, helpful staff that will go the extra mile to assist you.

Cargo Co-ordinators International NZ Ltd(CCI)
P O Box 38101, Howick 2145, Unit 30/2 Bishop Dunn Place, Botany South 2013
Auckland, New Zealand
Phone : +64 9 5241810   Fax : +64 9 2823429
Email :   Web :

Globaline Co.,Ltd
5F, Higobashi Seiwa Bldg, 1-15-10, Edobori, Nishi-Ku
Osaka, 550-0002, Japan
Phone : +81 6 6147 397   Fax : +81 6 6147 3990
Email :   Web :

MOANA blue

Moana Blue is the "Total Package" for fixed price motor vehicle door to door shipping and logistics from Japan to your door in New Zealand.


Being a 100% independently owned New Zealand company with dedicated staff in both our New Zealand headquarters and Japan office, Moana Blue have the size and scale to provide the complete door to door solution at competitive rates and expertise while providing customized solutions.


With extensive industry experience in New Zealand and Japan the team at Moana Blue are leaders in innovation, with an impressive history of meeting the needs of the New Zealand vehicle import industry.


As an independent shipping and logistics company Moana Blue offer our customers an unbiased and flexible approach to importing vehicles. This independence enables us to tailor our services and select our supply chain partners to best meet your needs and preferences whilst maintaining the confidentiality of your information. With our aim of making the process “simply easier” you can always be assured that we will always put our customers’ needs first.
With impressive inspection, tracking, documentation and communication systems you can follow every step of the process online and in real time.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact with our Auckland office