What’s CardealPage?

What’s CardealPage

CardealPage has 5 main features that really makes it stand out.

1. Large and wide variety of units to choose from an average of more than 5,000 in stock.

Thanks to the large number of units available, you can choose through your personal preferences,
such as color, year, mileage, price, condition, and many more!

2. No more need to go to multiple sites to compare many main car exporting companies are
already here!

Many people visit on average between two to five websites to make comparisons.
CardealPage saves you the need for this, as many of the main car exporters’ vehicles can already
be found on this site. Cross-comparing has just got much easier!

3. You can compare every vehicle through all inclusive price (CIF price).

All the vehicles that are listed are shown with their all inclusive (CIF) price.
Every exporting company might have their own prices for insurance and freight, but this becomes irrelevant,
as all the vehicles can be seen in their CIF prices. We also plan add more “search-by” options,
such as condition (of vehicles), alongside color, year, mileage, etc.

4. You can find vehicles on offer from local car dealers in Japan.

CardealPage lists and sells on behalf of local car dealers in Japan.
Many of these vehicles were originally marked for domestic sale,
so you never know what interesting finds and bargains you might get!

5. All real & genuine stock!

All the vehicles that are found on CardealPage are real and genuine.
They are vehicles that are kept and found in the Sellers’storage facilities,
so you can buy with complete confidence and trust.

All vehicles listed on CardealPage are sold with Cardeal Protection.

What is Cardeal Protection?

How to recognize if the car is listed by "CardealPage" or "Car Exporting Companies in Japan" ?

"The company which lists the car" (CardealPage or other Car Exporting Companies in Japan) will handle the whole process of the deal for you.
For example, they will answer your questions about the process of payment, shipment and documentation for their cars.
Please arrange the payment directly to “the company which lists the car”(CardealPage or Car Exporting Companies in Japan). Description of processes and contacts:

Finds great bargains everyday! What is Price Matching System?(Local car dealers’ stock)

CardealPage uses a system called Price Matching System for all the vehicles that we sell on local car dealer’s behalf.

Price Matching System is a system where prices are systematically marked down everyday.
Many of the vehicles are priced down daily, so please check our website everyday to get the latest bargains.

If you feel the price is right, please make payment for the unit immediately.

All the vehicles as sold by CardealPage (on behalf of local dealers) are confirmed to the person whose payment is received first,
i.e. first-come first served basis. You risk losing your vehicle to another buyer if you wait too long for the prices to come down.

※Above discount prices are only example.

Is anyone else thinking of purchasing the same vehicle?

You can see how many people are considering to purchase every unit by checking the “Considering Purchase” entry.
The number refers to how many people have ordered invoices for the corresponding vehicle.
Please arrange payment as soon as you’ve decided on your purchase to avoid disappointment.

Operating company of CardealPage

Company Name CardealPage Co.,Ltd
Head Office 4F Masumoto Bldg., 7-4-3, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan
TEL : +81-3-5937-4554 / FAX :+81-3-5937-4552
MAIL : sales@cardealpage.com
Established July 2014
CEO Hideharu Osari
Corporate Website http://www.cardealpage.co.jp
Bank Details
Branch Name MARUNOUCHI BRANCH (Branch Sort Code:245)
Account Number 2017779
Tokyo Public Safety Commission. Reg No. 304361407966

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