Gulliver International Co., Ltd
Car Buyer from end users and Supplier in Japan

Gulliver is the No.1 used car dealer in Japan.

With approximately 460 stores across Japan, Gulliver purchases over 200,000 cars from end users every year.

Furthermore, the cars purchased are sold primarily at auctions, and in addition, Gulliver also handles reselling to end users and selling to used car dealers.

Cars sold by the end user are first purchased by Gulliver, then sold again to another user or dealer.
Gulliver is the hub of used car distribution.


In a country like Japan, where there are numerous renowned makers like Toyota and Nissan, it is understandable that used car distribution is extremely organized and efficient.

There are many countries across the world where it is common for individual users to sell their unneeded cars on their own, but in Japan, individual sales of used car is very rare.
As such, used cars purchased from users are distributed domestically and internationally through companies like Gulliver.

Why Gulliver is Japan's
Used Car Dealer

When selling their cars to a used car dealer, end users try to assess first and foremost the trustworthiness of the dealer.

Gulliver is a reliable and safe dealer, as it is listed in the First Section of Japan's Tokyo Stock Exchange (stock exchange with the strictest standards, where Japan's top corporations are listed).

In addition, because there is always a Gulliver store in the neighborhood for any user, cars can easily and conveniently be sold.

Due to prolific TV commercial campaigns, the phrase "If you want to sell your car, choose Gulliver" was popularized in Japan.

Two Great Merits
of Gulliver Cars

Gulliver lists cars purchased from users directly on CardealPage.

In general, used car dealers purchase cars through auctions listed by companies like Gulliver that buy used cars, and then sell them at a higher price to make a profit.

When buying and selling through auctions, there are of course transaction fees, and there are additional costs when transporting cars from Gulliver to auctions and to used car dealers.

Gulliver exports cars overseas without additional costs, so it is able to offer cars at reasonable prices.

Are you really certain that the car you import from Japan directly came from the end user?

When it comes to cars that were purchased via auctions by used car dealers and subsequently listed for sale, in many cases, there is no guarantee that the cars came directly from the end users.

Auctions are also places where domestic used car dealers get rid of bad inventory.

In fact, among these, there are often cars that were exhibited for over a year, then sent to auctions because they do not get sold.

For cars that are difficult to sell, often, they go through the cycle of End User → Auction → Used Car Dealer → Auction.

With Gulliver, you can be 100% certain that the cars were purchased directly from end users.

In fact, Gulliver lists cars on CardealPage within 2-3 weeks of direct purchase from end users.

If you would like to purchase fresh inventory, we highly recommend Gulliver cars.

Gulliver cars are sold by CardealPage.

A professional salesman will support any questions you may have about your first time importing a car, the car specs, and so on.

Additionally, please be assured that after payment is made, we will continue to support you until the car is delivered.

If you apply for Cardeal Inspection, a CardealPage inspector will confirm any differences between the listed information and the car's equipment and condition before it leaves port.
This is a service in addition to Gulliver's standard guaranteed assurance.